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23rd July 2014

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against my better judgement i just bought a super sexy pinup wiggle dress

oh god oh god plz don’t let me look like a sausage

23rd July 2014

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cute things to call your girlfriend:

1. sugar 
2. honey 
3. flour 
4. egg 
5. 1/2lb butter 
6. stir 
7. pour into pan 
8. preheat to 375°

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23rd July 2014

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Wayne’s World (1992) - You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.

-Benjamin is nobody’s friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines and dick.

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23rd July 2014

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So I’m sick and tired of seeing posts about Rabidauthor




Every now and then this girl comes up on my dash and I’m just so done.


Yeah, she’s an okay cosplayer, and she’s got some talent, but I CANNOT get behind her message. 

She says she wants to be a “Positive Role Model in the plus size cosplay community” but I’m SORRY. You’re trying to promote a disease that could eventually kill you. 

By trying to shove fat acceptance down our throat, and expecting people to treat you the same when you’re slowly killing youself is wrong. This girl is basically glorifying obesity and expecting some sort of acclaim over it?

Now I’m not saying the girl doesn’t have talent. She does some cool stuff, like her Flame Lady from Adventure Time


But she would be a MILLION times better if she just dropped some weight. I mean, I certainly don’t want to see her die, why doesn’t SHE care?

Look at Yaya han! She makes incredibly costumes while making sure to live a healthy lifestyle as an example to her fans. 

tl:dr: Lose some weight and then you’ll earn my respect

hey op sit down and shut the fuck up. respect don’t have a weight limit

look at op’s concern trolling, it’s so adorably bad 

lmao dat fat h8 disguised as obvious concern trolling also lmao yaya as a fucking example to follow LMAO

also as an overweight woman who cosplays, idk who that lovely woman is but she is inspirational and talented. it is INSANELY hard to have the courage to cosplay in an environment that essentially worships scantily clad women with perfect or oftentimes unrealistic bodies and holds them as sex objects. it’s hard enough for women in a ‘normal’ weight range, but for plus sized women? it’s torturous sometimes. especially when you have the nerve to cosplay a character that isn’t canonically ‘fat’. and i see plenty of overweight dudes cosplaying out of their league, but oh, then it’s funny and entertaining. woman does it? “ew, gross, lose weight or cosplay a fat character, fatty.” “wo ur so talented BUT ur fat so lol doesn’t matter. fatty” it’s exhausting. but hey i keep fucking doing it anyway because costumes and cosplay make me happy and in this magical world of pretend I CAN BE WHOEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO BE and i don’t need your fucking respect because you sure as fuck aren’t getting any of mine, cockfuck. 

so tl;dr, shut the fuck up op you bag of mold dildos

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23rd July 2014

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trying to turn my lil bro into a furry. any tips?

"I can help"


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23rd July 2014

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These funny little creatures are called Grummies. They make their nests in old hollow trees or under small garden sheds. They wake up as soon as the sun goes down searching for some fallen fruits, berries and bugs. So next time you wandering in your garden after dark, keep your peepers peeled, and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one.

8cm (3 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin and the body is soft (no joints or skeleton armature inside), they have some plastic pellets in their belly to give them good balance. White Grummie’s details are glowing in the dark!

Each one of my dolls comes with a wooden tag signed and dated proofing that this is an original doll made by Remjie. SOLD.

23rd July 2014

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welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

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23rd July 2014

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair

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23rd July 2014

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i found the cure to growing older
and you’re the only place that feels like home

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23rd July 2014

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sometimes things are tough but look at this bun


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22nd July 2014

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Was I the only one moved by the head bump? Probably.


Was I the only one moved by the head bump? Probably.

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22nd July 2014

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messing around with makeup since it’s been a while

i sure enjoy being a skeleton an awful lot

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22nd July 2014

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22nd July 2014

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Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

This dog is literally smiling.

Oh my god

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22nd July 2014

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youre gonna look so goddamn cool

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